Tuesday, March 8, 2011


So, my desk, like most peoples, I would assume, is a Noxious Smell Free Area (NSFA). If you need to relieve your gas, I would very much appreciate you not doing it whilst walking to and from my desk. When you so rudley crop-dusted me, I was eating, food in my mouth, when I was overcome by the smell of your ass. Yea, you heard me. So next time you want to blast someone with your ass-gas, please don't let it be me, cause I might blow a gasket if you do it again. Just throwing that out there. Who does that... Walk away from people if you have to rip one, not towards me, I'm in a corner, I can't even get away!! And you are walking towards me, so it all hits me in the face, in the corner.. I mean come on! WTF?????