Tuesday, January 5, 2016

To Cuddle or Not To Cuddle....

Suitors, suitors on the… wall(?), whose the least weird of you all….???

So, I feel like I took the Twilight Zone bus, and it dumped me out in Cuddlesville(or does Cuddle Town sound better…. Either way, it’s the same point to make).

Here lately, there has been an overwhelming push to cuddle… Now, I’ll be there first to admit, I’m not a cuddle-whore. Would I like a cuddle every once in a while, sure, but I don’t feel the need to profess that and or push that on anyone. Every man, well, almost every man, vying for my attention lately just can’t seem to refrain from telling me how bad he wants to cuddle with me. Sorry boys, not always my thing. That is not the way to win my heart, or any other part of me. Not to mention, when you phrase it to me and talk like a little kid when you ask, I want to cringe. It literally takes every ounce of control I have, not to cringe or make a face. (Yes, it’s that bad, and happens that often).

Now from what I gather, this is happening for one of two reasons:

Reason # 1:

You guys seem to think to think that it’s what us girls want to hear. Now I am not speaking for all girls. I’m just speaking from my experiences and talks with acquaintances, but we do not all have an overwhelming need to cuddle 24/7. Not to say we never ever want to be touched, but if you bring up cuddling EVERY time we talk, that’s a definite turn OFF (for me at least, so STOP IT).

Reason #2:

Maybe you legitimately like cuddling. To each their own I say, but also make sure you and your potential and or current cuddler in crime are on the same page. Because coming from something where we were not both on the same page left me feeling highly irritable and possible with hurt feelings. Unintentional repercussions for both parties involved.

Basically don’t assume anything.