Thursday, June 24, 2010

How can you not laugh at this?

So, first there was all the people whining when we got our annual dress code policy e-mail, (the dress code has been the same for at least 3 years). Why are people upset that they are enforcing it. You knew what it was, you chose not to follow it, there for you suffer the consequinces. Now there is a he said, she said thing going around, so an e-mail went to the whole office with names in it. So then there was a rebuke to the e-mail from one of the people named in it. Basically, now we are breaking dress code and e-mail policies? I just want to get this strait, which policy is next? lol, aww man, I love the unprofessionalism of this place, it's great!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Frown evey now and again...

To all you freakishly happy people out there... STOP IT! I'm not saying be mad all the time or anything, but really, I can't deal with you. Especially at work. Your at work, chances are you don't love your job, your just putting on a front and cry yourself to sleep every night, so just act normal. Call me a pessimist if you'd like, but no one, NO ONE, is happy all the time. I enjoy being happy, I just think it would take way to much effort to pretend to be happy all the time! BLEH!!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

We are adults, shut up!

It seems like the only thing people around this place do is whine. Whine becuase they don't like the computer system, whine about lunches, whine about co-workers, whine about the temp inside the building, whine about the temp outside, whine, whine, whine! Grow up! How is it that I am one of the youngest employees in the office, and I whine less than all of you! I'm not saying I've never whined before, but for a select few, that should be their job title. Seriously? Get over yourself, if you can't stand this place, then why have you been here for ten years? Leave already and save my ears from you insesant whining!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

So I don't really understand the point of a 'Touchless Soap Dispenser". Ok, so they claim that all these germs are hanging out on the pump right? Well you touch the pump BEFORE you wash your hands, so why does it matter if there are germs hanging out there because you are just going to wash the germs off anyway, right? I mean I don't go around touching all the soap pumps with out washing my hand afterwards. Kudos to you if you are one who does that, but really? I just don't get it I guess.

Who did it?

Who in the hell came up with an 8 hour workday? That is seriously like the stupidest thing ever! I realize it's not going away, and I can't change it, but really? Four hours, four. That's all I really need, probably not even that! If I knew that I could leave after four hours if all my shit was done, you better believe that I'd make sure everything was done. I don't do eight hours of true work a day... Hell, I don't even know if I do four hours of true work a day... this is stupid.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Ummm no, I'm right, thank you.

Don't argue with me over something that I witnessed and you have no clue as to how it even happens. I was there, you were not. Just because your paper says one thing, doesn't mean that thats the way it happened. Paper print out is not the end all be all. Get off your effing high horse, and shut up. Take your little 80's clothes, nappy hair, and extreme chunky sandals and walk away, becuase I don't want to look at your face.

WalCreature cont...

Ok, just one so far....
We have a lovely blue shirt, ok, it's a plain t-shirt, not too much to make fun of. It is paired with capris that are white with a blue floral print, hibiscus maybe. That in itself, not horrid, but when paired with white old school keds, and socks pulled up past the bottom of the capris, it nominates you for some type of an award I'm sure, but not any award one would want to win.

Nose out!

So, I'm not talking to you, so quit dipping into the conversation... If it involves you, I will update you when I'm done talking.
You know, I don't understand the fact that you are freakishly nosey, but you regret to tell me any updated information regarding the next day's work, that just so happens to be pertinant... I have to keep the volume on my phone all the way down because you try to listen in to everything that I say, yet you give up nothing important. All you ever tell me is stupid things that have nothing to do with anything, like how sweaty you get when you walk. Ok, for one, unless you are a man, with rippiling muscles and covered in sweat, I don't want to know about how your shirt and shorts are dripping with sweat when you are done walking. Two, who in the hell gets that sweaty from walking? EWWWWWW!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

It happens every month! (No, not that!)

So end of month = running mass reports, which = slow system.

This is not new, this happens EVERY month. I'm not sure why at the end/begining of every month the billers "Just can't believe how slow the system is!" Ok, you have been with the company how long? Yes, this happens every month, it's not something new that has never ever happened before. Our systems suck and the server isn't big enough to handle it, so basically shut the eff up about it because I'm sick of you saying the same damn thing every month like it's some suprise that the system is running slow. get over yourself!

Watch out, I bite...

So you ever have one of those days that although everyone is being nice to you and what not, you feel like biting someone's head off. I am having one of those days. EVERYTHING is irritating me today. I know it's because I woke up with a sinus headache, but I just feel like hanging a sign that says "Talk to me at your own risk!" 2 hours down, 6 more to go, plys 1 hour of lunch... I really wish that I could take a half an hour lunch and leave a half an hour early, but I'm not allowed for some reason. Ok, now I'm just rambling so I'm done with this post, enjoy.