Tuesday, November 8, 2011

How did that even happen?

So, for the 2nd time in I'd say about 30 days, I've dropped a pen into the toilet(While at work, I don't keep pens on me at home). My first one, it was a gone-er, it fell mid-flush, and I wasn't going after it. Not to mention, the first time it was my most favorite pen ever! This 2nd time that just occurred... well, I was able to save this one... I know, I know... it sounds totally nasty, but I washed and disenfected it, so I think it's good. It was my runner up for fave pen which since the demise of my favorite pen, has risen to #1. Needless to say, I will not be chewing on it, but it's probably cleaner now than any other pen in my possesion..... FML

Lessen I've taken from this? Don't put pens in your scrub top pockets.

Friday, October 21, 2011


Soooo... Hell week is finally over! I deem it Hell week for multiple reasons, but being understaffed and expected to train someone, and keep up with all 3 jobs that I as one person was doing is a little much. I've decided that I am simply not cut out to be a trainer of any type. I am way too easily irritated for that. Nothing against the person I was training, she was fine, but damn, I have no freaking pacience at all. In my mind you should just understand what I'm saying... I realize, that is not always the case, but I like my bubble world, and my bubble should not be popped. No interesting head adornments this week though, so who know what Halloween has in store.
On the same not as training/understaffing... If you are aware that the only other person to answer phone calls is in the middle of training someone, how about PICK UP THE FUCKING PHONE YOURSELF! You get paid more than double what I make, I think you can answer a damn phone call... just saying. I'm not your assitant and or secratary, so I don't really know what you expected, but unless you want to hire me as a personal assistant, which by the way, I don't think you could possibly pay me enough to put up with you, yea... You have two hands, and a phone at your desk, try ANSWERING it when it rings dumbass!

Friday, October 14, 2011

A crown, really?

So, I wish I could include a picture of this, but unfortunately I don't think it's appropriate. Anywho... here is the story:

So it's appreciation week in my career field, we had a meeting, every one in my department got recognized and and to add a fun spin, they gave us all either glow in the dark wands, or little kid crowns. Now, we donned them for the meeting, then discarded them at our desks when the meeting was over, all save one. One person kept their crown on their disheveld head all day... And drove home to show her parents (she's in her mid 40's by the way). Do you know how hard it is to take someone seriously and talk about work with a plastic crown with pink jewels on it askew on a mini-fro? Well, to answer that it VERY HARD. She was sooooooo proud. I just don't get it!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


So, I now realize that my blog can in no way compare with The Bloggess. She is awesome and my new hero. LOL I want a Beyonce, not the singer, the chicken. You all must check out her blog.

Anywho... Hell week has begun and quite frankly, I'm uber un-motivated. Why should I have to do three peoples jobs and work for 12 days strait? Just doesn't seem fair, but hey life isn't fair, so I guess I'll suck it up. Over time is a plus, but I'd rather be in a pool, or well, just not a work. I'm here 8-9 hours a day, I don't want to add any more hours that I didn't intitially sign on for.

As far as office fashion goes... Wow, no shortage of it, that's for sure. I don't even know that I can point one specific thing out. Well, other than peptobismal pink pants... How can anyone miss those? I have a coworker that now gives me a daily theme when he sees my outfits... Lets see here's what he's come up with thus far: 4th Grade Teacher, Samuri Scrubs, Simple Scrubs, Laying on the Couch Watching DVDs, and Ode to My So Called Life (the TV show)..

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


So, the other day, I walk into the bathroom at work. This weird chick who also works in my office is frantically looking for something. I chose to ignore her, and continued to walk to a stall. So then she's like, "Do you know where the spray stuff is?" To which I reply with an odd look. Then she says, "You know, the febreeze stuff?" and I tell her that I don't know where it is.
1) Why is there a frantic need for fabreeze? Did you drop a load in your cube?
2) Really, I don't even want to know... I'm already disturbed with the random thoughts in my head.

On a Febreeze note, I don't think we should have it in an office. I really don't want to smell poo, but flower scented poo is even worse. Remember the book, "Everyone Poops", well it's true and everyone's poop smells. Hosing down the stall in febreeze will not hide the fact that you dropped a deuce. Just saying....

On a second note, fat people should not wear skinny jeans. That is just bringing more attention to an area that really should not be scrutinized. Just throwing that out there. I'm not a big person, and I feel odd wearing skinny jeans, certainly people of the larger variety should avoid them at all costs.

Monday, July 18, 2011


So, on top of it being a Monday, I have a hole in thr front of the crotch of my pants, and I'm wearing Neon yellow underwear... FML Plus I'm going out tonight... Looks like I'm buying a pair of pants at lunch!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


So, my desk, like most peoples, I would assume, is a Noxious Smell Free Area (NSFA). If you need to relieve your gas, I would very much appreciate you not doing it whilst walking to and from my desk. When you so rudley crop-dusted me, I was eating, food in my mouth, when I was overcome by the smell of your ass. Yea, you heard me. So next time you want to blast someone with your ass-gas, please don't let it be me, cause I might blow a gasket if you do it again. Just throwing that out there. Who does that... Walk away from people if you have to rip one, not towards me, I'm in a corner, I can't even get away!! And you are walking towards me, so it all hits me in the face, in the corner.. I mean come on! WTF?????

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Office Fashion... Windbreakers Oh My!

Let's to a flash back to late 80's, early 90's. I remember back when I was about, oh I don't know 8 years old and I had a kick ass track suite. It was various purples, greens, pinks, with a paisley pattern on the jacket and solid pants in one of the aforementioned colors.

Fast forward:
Well, I saw one of those today. It's been about 17 years since I owned one... and I was 8, but this was a fully grown woman... and it's been almost two decades later... paired with brown dress pants and a lovely teal turtleneck.

I'm really not sure where the horrible 80's store is, but I'm pretty sure my coworkers are keeping it in business. And I'm not talking about the 80's fashion that is coming back, this is all the stuff that should be barried and never, ever brought back...

What's the protocol here?

So, do any other women out there find it odd or uncomfortable when doing your yearly GYN visit to talk while being examined? I mean I know it's not like abnormal for them, but it is for me. It's strange for me to talk about my profession with your hands on my ta-tas or elsewhere... Just throwing that out there.... Not bashing on GYN's, I mean what are you supposed to do right? Just sharing some thoughts...

Monday, January 31, 2011

I don't need this info!

So, I hate when people keep trying to update me on certain things, when the things have nothing to do with me...
Prime Example:
My coworker hollered "Don't go anywhere" down the cubby hall after me so she could update me on a patient when she got off the phone...
1) your on the phone, with the patient, so why are you yelling
2) where am I supposed to be going, I want some effing coffee, it's not like I'm going to get lost in the kitchen
3) how about your not my mom.... and I'll do what I want.
4) once she told me the info, it had nothing to do with me and she fixed whatever it was (so I didn't even really need to know)

Things like this drive me insane, and it happens multiple times a day. I really don't need to know random details that affect absolutley nothing that I'm doing. Seriously, just stop!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Office Attire

I still don't understand why people wear track suits to the office. It's not appropriate at all. To top it off though, the people who wear them, obviously only use them to go to work in, because I can tell you they are def not working out in them, that's for damn sure. Maybe they should wear them to the gym, then they could fit in normal dress pants. But those of you who wear your heels/dress shoes with the track suits I mean, come on? Really? I don't even know what to say about that.

Another thing I can't stand, Turtle necks. I'm not sure why I have such a hatred of them, but I do. I really hate when they are worn under a sweat shirt or a hoody. That makes no sense to me. How cold can your neck really be?

Random Jackets:

So this chick thinks she's badass cause she can ride a horse... Well, no she isn't really a bad ass, just and annoying ass, but her jean jacket today was a little much. I think embroidered jean jackets should be left to old women, or the '80s. Either way, this chick doesn't fall into either category. She's got a dark blue jean jacket on with horse shoes embroidered on the front, and a running horse embroidered on the back, with, to top it all off, a turtle neck underneath it. Where do you even buy something like that?

As far as certain colors go. I believe that after like I don't know, elementry school, you should not, as a woman, be allowed to wear light pink, baby pink, or bubblegum pink. (I do own some random pink shirts, but they are dark pink to magenta) Wearing a baby pink fleece zip up, no. How about just don't do it. It makes me want to sneak over to your desk, after you leave, and make in mysterioulsy disappear. Adults should not wear that color!


So, ugh. Work is slower than molasses. So, you would think I'd post more, but I have nothing to post... Kind of sad actually.

I'm sick of the negative that seems to surrond me at work. (not me, the people around me). Everyone seems in a better mood today, but I'm sure, come Monday, everyone will be hateful again.

I've got my kick ass tattoo tin can bank. It's half full at the moment, so that's a plus. I want to get my nose pierced and when it heals, I want a hoop. Something small.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Year....

So, I know it's been a while since I posted... Kind of lost my groove there for a while, but I'm trying to get back into it.

We've got over a foot of snow more than we normally do so far in my part of the country. I'm officially over the snow. I realize that where I live, snow is going to happen, and normally those people who are in constant complaint of the snow irks me, but I am finding that I am slowly turning into one of those that I cannont stand... I suppose it might be attributed to the fact that I've slid off the road twice, and have just been sliding around in general, and I don't really care for that one bit.

On another note, not at all close to any hit so far in this post, I'm attempting to give up caffiene. No, I'm not going cold turkey, I really don't feel the need to have a headache/migraine for days, doesn't sound like fun to me. I'm actually down to 1 12oz can a day. Which is a lot less than I've been at previously, so I think that's a plus. I'm still doing yoga. I LOVE yoga. I just started getting back to doing my random work out DVDs. I like Jillian Michaels DVDs the best so far. I'm really trying to lose weight... I'm drinking much more water and my face has cleared up too. It wasn't bad just a random zit here or there, but I'm not haveing any problems now. I drink more water and switched face wash, and now I'm doing good.

Ok, this post is dragging on and it's not even funny, so I'll be back at a later date with something funny, or angry or both...