Friday, March 23, 2012

Lady Bits and Such

So, they have been moving cubies and people around at work, and there are a few desks that didn't have the backing on them, so you could see everythign underneath them. OK, there is the backstory. So the other day, Person A, we'll call her Ann, walked out of the warehouse and noticed as she walked out that Person B, we'll call her Brandy, well, noticed that since she was wearing a skirt that her vajayjay was hanging out. So Ann told Brandy that and suggested that until walls are put up, that she might not want to wear a skirt. So Brandy gets very defensive stating that Ann could not have seen her vajayjay. So Ann said, OK, whatever you say, and walked away.

A day later, I walk thorugh the lunch room whilst Brandy and company are having lunch and clearly bitching that Ann had said anything to Brandy because "There is no way she could have seen, so and so was sitting right next to me and she didn't see it, I don't know why she was looking"

So, since I'm friends with Ann, and Brandy irritates the piss out of me, I just chimed in. So I stated that no, she wasn't looking, and if she didn't see anythign, she wouldn't have made it up, that she was trying to be nice and tell you that your vajayjay is hanging out, so you didn't show it off to the whole office and the guys working on the cubies... For all I know maybe she was trying to show off, but yea, that's nothing I would want to see. So her rebuke was, very loudly, "Well maybe she should mind her own business!"

Really, can we grow up, and if that were me, I would not be telling the entire packed lunch room that my lady bits were hanging out... But hey, maybe that's just me.

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