Tuesday, July 26, 2011


So, I now realize that my blog can in no way compare with The Bloggess. She is awesome and my new hero. LOL I want a Beyonce, not the singer, the chicken. You all must check out her blog.

Anywho... Hell week has begun and quite frankly, I'm uber un-motivated. Why should I have to do three peoples jobs and work for 12 days strait? Just doesn't seem fair, but hey life isn't fair, so I guess I'll suck it up. Over time is a plus, but I'd rather be in a pool, or well, just not a work. I'm here 8-9 hours a day, I don't want to add any more hours that I didn't intitially sign on for.

As far as office fashion goes... Wow, no shortage of it, that's for sure. I don't even know that I can point one specific thing out. Well, other than peptobismal pink pants... How can anyone miss those? I have a coworker that now gives me a daily theme when he sees my outfits... Lets see here's what he's come up with thus far: 4th Grade Teacher, Samuri Scrubs, Simple Scrubs, Laying on the Couch Watching DVDs, and Ode to My So Called Life (the TV show)..

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