Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Cover your damn mouth!

Seriously, if you have to cough, you have to cough, I get it, really I do. But could you like, hmmm, I don't know turn your effing head, or cover your mouth. Don't look at me and cough with no coverage. That is nasty, and I don't want you gross weird germs blowing in my general direction! I mean really? Can I get some common courtesy please? How old are you, oh wait, and your in the health care field. My 4 year old knows how to cover his mouth and turn his head, there is no reason why someone 10.5 times his age can't figure that one out.

You can say it's allergies all you want, but I still don't want your germs on me. I feel like I need a bath of hand sanitizer, or whole body sanitizer. You already burp in my direction, do we have to add to the particles coming out of your mouth and into my personal space? I don't think so.

Your effing gross by the way, just thought I'd share. Maybe I need you umbrella that came with your fancy car to deflect your germy particles from blowing in my direction.

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