Friday, August 27, 2010

Is that bad?

Is it bad that I part my hair on the side that I do basically to shield the person that sits to the right of me?
That's bad isn't it?
The way I see it, something has to cover the side of my face so the person to the direct right of me doesn't see me rolling my eyes and making faces while they are talking. Somethings I just can't contain inside of me so it has to be expelled at some point and it's normally released during convorsation with a certain someone. Therefor, I do believe it's a nesecisty for me to have my 'hair shield' to save myself and a colleuge from embaraament. Well, mainley the collegue becuase at this point, I really could give a shit less, seeing as how it really wouldn't embarass me anymore. I'm past the point of caring in this situation. I use the shield to save what little work 'relationship' I have so it's not consistently awkward. Well, lets say more awkward than you already are.....

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