Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Walcreature Cont...

So, I haven't posted a WalCreature lately, but I feel that it's about time.

I mean I know I get up in the morning and think to myself, how could I get my picture online if I went to Walmart today? Really people? Come on... get a mirror, or a reality check. I'm not sure which one. People who design some of these clothes should be shot as well!

So this speciman, well, I'll just describe the clothing:

Red shirt with eyelets around the sleeves and collar. (Nothing I would wear, but with jeans, it would look acceptable depending on your age, but said person is not old enough to be wearing that shirt)

Pants, well capris actually. They are black, but I'm not stopping at just black. They have a pattern. Still patterns are ok right? Well, not this pattern. It has beach balls, and folding chairs and tables all over. I'm not even sure where you can buy such horrid patterend capris.

I haven't paid attention to the shoes, but my guess is either white old lady sanals, or white keds with socks pulled up almost, if not past, the bottom of the capris, stay tuned for a shoe update.

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