Friday, July 23, 2010

How can you forget that much in a2 days? I mean really?

Ok, so I have 2 bins on my desk. One if for things that need to be signed, on is for file that need to be disassembled. They have been the same since before I had this position. There is also a bin on the top of my filing cabinet for stuff that needs to be filed (also has been there since before me). So I had a HUGE stack of files in my 'need to be disassembled' bin. I start working on them. I get almost all the way through them, and guess what, they needed to be filed, not disassempled. So when I ask why they were in that bin.... The reply I got was 'Oh, I forgot'. How is that possible, you were up here two days ago... How do you forget something that you've been doing for 4 months in two days? I don't get it! SO after taking a half an hour to break down my ginormous stack of files, I get to put them all back together, and file them....

Lucky Me.

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