Thursday, July 22, 2010

Weird, Awkward Conversation....

(phone rings)
me: Hello
weird person: You know when I first started, and there was the toothbrush thing?
me: ..........(thinking, but very confused) You mean a toothette? The little sponge on a stick?
weird person: (awkward pause) no (more awkward pause)
me: you mean for a patient right?
weird person: (awkward pause) no (me waiting for more explanation) you had them. They were like a little toothbrush.
me: oh you mean a Wisp, the disposable ones?
weird person: I don't know what they are called but yes. (awkward pause) I'm going out after work and forgot my toothbrush so if you don't have any I have to go to plan B. (I don't even want to know what plan b was)
me: ummm... I don't know if I have any, I'll look
weird person: (awkward pause)
me: well, I'll look and call you back
weird person: (awkward pause) ok
End conversation.

So, I look and find two. You really only need one. So I take both back to her. So she asks me what kind they are because she is allergic to an ingredient in certain things. I said, ummm.. they are cinnamon, I don't know what all is in them...
I got no reply, so just walked away.

I swear almost every conversation with this person is awkward...

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  1. the best was the conversation she had with my colleague... while on the toilet.... saying, "I AM GLAD I GOT THIS OUT OF THE WAY BEFORE COMPANY COMES THIS WEEKEND!" Awkward.