Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Gross! Wash your hands!!!!!

Ok, so it's allergy season. I have allergies. I sneeze alot. After I sneeze, I a) wash my hands, or b) squirt on some hand sanitizer. I'm not saying I'm sick or anything, I just think of it as a courtisy to others.

So a person located next to me has allergies. She is always coughing, (but not covering her mouth, and always seems to be pointed in my direction), and sneezing, usually into a kleenex. However, she NEVER goes and washes her hands or uses sanitizer afterwards. I just witnessed her sneezing into her hands, getting a tissue and wiping off her hands, then nose. Then continue typing. That is disgusting. She shares that computer too. I'm glad it's not with me, but I feel bad for the person that sits there after her.

She needs a BIO HAZARD sign hung above her work space.


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