Friday, September 10, 2010

WalCreature Contd....

She is wearing a regular t-shirt with some religous stuff on it. I would guess it's a large or an extra large. It is paired with 1980's super high waisted jeans, you know the kind that come right below your boobs, so you don't really need a bra. The extra large t-shirt is tucked into the super high waisted pants. Did I mention the pants aren't long enough, so they hang, while standing, at just above the ankle. She has white ked-like shoes, with white socks, once again pulled way past the bottom of the pants. I'm at a loss for words. Maybe, "Hey, 1983 called, and they want their clothes back!". I'm not even sure if that would be right, I don't even think people in the 80's would wear what she's wearing, and that's bad, because lets face it, the 80's was a HORRIBLE decade in fashion.

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