Friday, September 10, 2010

Unhealthy and Skinny vs Unhealthy and Fat

So I just read this article about how there was a 'plus sized' fashion show at fashion week with all models size 14 or bigger. I'm not saying 14 is fat, cause I have some 14's, but I feel like that's just adding to America's obese problem.... I dunno. I'm not saying you have to be a 4, I've never been that small, I don't think I could possibley ever get that snall, but on the same note, I don't think a size 24 is heathly either. It's like from one extreme to the next. Either starve yourself to be a size 00, or fatten yourself up to be a size 24. What about the normal sized people in the middle?

So I am totally on board with not showcasing underweight, unhealthy models, but I also have an issue with overweight, unhealthy models. Isn't this just condoing the fact that it's OK to be fat? I'm not a size 4, or even an 8. I don't claim to be a toothpick, but I think making fat fashionable is not the correct answer to America's growing weight problem.

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