Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Damn, I'm good...

So, can we please take a breath and do a little research before spazing out? I mean really? I had the shit done this morning, that's how good I am. Had you looked in the computer, you would have seen that, but instead you jumped to conclusions, and asked all the people who wouldn't have known about the situation. That makes no sense. I guess this person is to the point, or past it for that matter, that you have no common sense, due to being so smart. No, please do not take that as a compliment, me saying your smart. Because once you reach that point, I'll still consider you an idiot. I's say my equation is: fairly smart + common sense = awsomeness. These I can't stand though: Too smart - common sense = idiot. Not smart - common sense = village idiot.
Thank you!

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