Saturday, May 22, 2010


I'm so fucking sick and tired of nothing in the workplace being clearcut. Can I have a simple don't do this, do that. No, every single thing having a fucking grey area, and if you fall in the grey area you get in trouble even though you were never trained in said area. It's like trial by fire. Your right when you do it the same way for a year, but then the next time you do it you get reemed. What the FUCK! It makes no sense at all. I've never seen one single policy and fucking procedure. NOTHING! How can I possibly get in trouble for something I was A)never trained on, B) no real rules set upon the situation, C)oh wait, I forgot it depends on the mood of management as to how anythign is changed or corrosponded to employees. FUCK. That's all I feel like saying at the moment, FUCK! It sucks when before noon on a Saturday you know you are gonna get your ass chewed off on Monday morning. ANd on top of it, I got someone else in trouble, which is really what upsets me more than anything. I really like said person, and she is the last person I wanted to get in trouble, not that I want to get anyone in trouble, cause that's just not me! All because I did something, that any other day is fine. So I'm sure the dumbasses running the place will put in some stupid thing that will fuck over everyone, because I was never told/trained/instructed in any way, about the thing in which I did, which with every other instance that it has happend, I did it correctly, and I did it the same way this time!

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