Monday, May 10, 2010

WalCreature cont...

So I was keeping a number by the offense, but there are too many to list, no numbers anymore!

Offense; The Hawaiian Shirt. 1) we work in an office, not the beach, cabana, Hawaiian themed eatery or a bar b que. There for don't wear the shirt. Why does one even own a shirt like that. The sad thing is, like 3 people had those types of shirts on in the same day, not just one random...

Offense; High Waters. Your an adult, your parent shouldn't be buying your clothes, how about this, try on your clothes before buying them, or if they are old clothes, oh, I don't know, look at the mirror, look down at your feet, ok, now can you see your socks while standing? If you can, find another pair of pants and put those in the Good Will pile... come on!

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