Friday, May 28, 2010


So why do we have to act like we are in 2nd grade again? If I wanted to act like I'm still in elementary school, I would have became a teacher. (none of the following has happened to me, it's all observations of my surrondings.)

I'm so sick of people around here telling on people for the dumbest stuff. Most of the time people are joking around, you don't have to run to their manager because they were joking about something.

Or, treating someone with the same respect that has alwasy been given to them, then have them run to there bestest bud, aka the supervisor, feed them a bunch of lies, then get called out on it and told you are stabbing them in the back? WTF is that? Most of these people are so sketchy, and that means supervisors and management. I'm done with it.

I'm not going to play your stupid highschool games. I'm coming in, doing my shit, and leaving. Don't expect anything extra out of me. I'm not getting paid for my extra, so you can for get even getting it!

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