Tuesday, May 11, 2010

So far, so good....

Well, no pop today! Go me!

On another note, I find it extrememly amusing the views people have on tattoos. I have tattoos, I like tattoos, I plan to get more tattoos. I also understand that they just aren't for some people. I would never try to push a tattoo on anyone. In that respect, I feel that trying to convince me how horrible they are is not your job, you won't change my mind. I don't try to change your mind, have some respect and cease in trying to change mine! I respect the fact that not everyone likes them, unfortunately most are forced to cover them up for work, which I feel is not right. I think that as long as it's not offensive, (no a tattoo in general should not be considered offensive) by offensive I mean like sexually explicit, extreme violence, things like that. If I don't ever see a customer, why can't I show my tattoo? Even with cutomers I don't get what the big deal is, once again as long as it's not offensive. I don't know.... I just think people freak out over them way too much is the point I'm trying to make. Tattoos are no more distraction the fashion, shoes, hair cuts/color. It's just an extension of that person.

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